About Autonomous Technical Analysis Methods


What are Autonomous Methods?

Autonomous methods are systems created with artificial neural networks (ANN), which are the common subject of artificial intelligence and machine learning.
If these systems were self-learning systems, they would be LSTM (Long-Short Term Memory).
However, this factor has been kept autonomous because the global markets are connected to the news flow and the agenda, and the markets are interconnected.
In other words, relations that are not visible to the human eye are created with artificial neural networks, and the part that does not benefit from artificial neural networks is evaluated by mechanical variables by making use of the "Theory of Relativity" which Albert Einstein laid the foundations.

In these systems, the main purpose is not to correctly know every trade or big successful profit opportunity every 10 years (which is impossible).
To create systems where the right trade is more than the wrong trade, and the cumulative success rate is at a degree that can be considered successful.
Only in this way can stability be achieved.

Why Leveraged Markets ?

These systems are suitable for leveraged markets.
Because the leveraged markets give the opportunity for great hedging in a right trade after the wrong trade in a row.
In the case of mistakes, the virtual values ​​given by the lever are never in question and there is a loss as much as the position amount.

Why Autonomous Methods?

Each person has responsibilities to the family, to the job, to the environment.
And technical analysis is a time-consuming method with old methods.
Instead, if this time is devoted to it and financial literacy by following only economic developments and data, both opportunities are avoided as little as possible and psychological mistakes are avoided as much as possible.
It is also almost impossible to earn money where everyone buys and sells.
Large capital owners who know these points will set up large traps.
Due to the nature of the trade, complex and detailed background, simple methods in practice will always work better.
Trade motivation by applying a system never decreases motivation like transactions done by one's own initiative.
In old methods, for 10 consecutive losses, morale and motivation of the person deteriorates and stops trading.

It should not be forgotten that we have competitors in huge suits that are thousands of times stronger than us and much faster than us.
The real war is not inside us, between us and them.
Therefore, we must go very carefully and pass through the areas that open our horizons.
The systems here are one-way, but if there are people skilled in reading the global economy, they can be both bulls and bears.
But only one market direction is ideal for beginners.

Briefly about me

My acquaintance with the software was in the process of making a simple mobile game application.
It was just an activity for fun with friends.
And I had the task of writing the codes. (on Java)
I enjoyed this very much and in the summer of 2018, my studies to learn the language of Tradingview Pine started.
During this process, I attended various online algorithm courses.
I started my fundamental analysis in 2013 with the letters that Warren Buffett shared with his shareholders.
I have been dealing with financial markets since this period.
I am trying to increase my financial literacy.
And I will continue this for life.

I have been working on technical analysis since 2015.
I've been sharing important places since I was active in Tradingview.
I have been an individual investor and experimental trader in the background since November 2016.
I am trying to transfer my experience in Trade to my software systems.
For investment, I follow various publications and courses, and I believe that this is a life philosophy and should last a lifetime.
While I am constantly trying to learn in this area, I will publicly share what I know and see as important.
In addition, I will always continue to share the trading decisions of my softwares in my trade ideas (Because i think the script producer definitely must prove products on real trading! ) and technical analysis in my scripts as I find it possible.


I tried to be an engineer who knows and blends both trade and coding.
In this way, I did not want to be a script developer who is far from the realities
of real trade and who is only oriented towards the codes,
or a trader and idea producer who has only turned to ideas and missed
big workloads that can be handled with software.

I can only proudly say, not to boast:
I had many firsts on this platform, but they are not over.
We will experience much more firsts together and open source, you can be sure of it!

I would like to thank everyone who supports me as a customer,potencial customer , supporter, follower,coder,teacher and student.


Nedim Barış Bozbey 

Founder of AutonomouScripts