Free Lunch : ANN Ethereum Arbitrage Tool

Free Lunch : ANN Ethereum Arbitrage Tool

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This system shows the percentage difference between the value of the dominant price and the Ethereum value in your stock market. It allows you to quickly evaluate opportunities, ie small percentage and guarantee arbitrage trading, without leaving the cryptocurrency exchange you are in.

Script :

Free Trial Period : 15 days

Alerts : Difference over %0.125 and difference under - % 0.125

Market Direction : Long (rarely Short)

Timeframe : Multi Time - Frame

Markets : All Ethereum Spot markets (ETHUSD,ETHUSDT,ETHUSDC etc.) ,

not suitable for Ethereum Futures (Contracts).

Working Principle : Monitor the system carefully and, in large positive differences, set the difference value as the selling price and buy at the quoted price. Sample : The price on your stock exchange is $ 200 and the system shows 1%. Your sales price: You immediately enter $ 202 (200 * 1.01) as the selling price. And you buy at an instant price of $ 200. You must be very fast and careful while doing these. There is no stop-loss in that strategy.

Important Points

  • This system is suitable for large capital holders as it has small percentages and guaranteed gains.If the annual fee of this system is more than 10% of your cryptocurrency capital, it is not recommended to rent.
  • System gives more accurate results for those trading on the following exchanges with/or on smaller exchanges than these :


  • Incorrect pricing usually turns off in a matter of minutes, and most in a matter of seconds. Achieving success in this system requires only very fast. It requires a quick purchase and sale when it reaches the value in the percentage differences (the commission lines are drawn as a threshold of 0.125%) which is only worth trading in the positive direction. It is not recommended to participate in the trade of negative direction movements, except for huge differences or long periods that do not close.
  • The script will be updated once a year in order to increase ANN (Artificial Neural Networks) weight in last bars.
  • This system is only valid for Ethereum. And it does not work on exchanges without volume data. Because volume is one of the ANN inputs.
  • Prices are not a one-time lifetime, prices are annual usage fees. After your trial period (15 days), if you decide to use the product and the next day you lease, your period starts and ends on the same day of the following year.